tree4Initial Consultation

An initial consultation meeting is a meeting between you and the Therapist in your home. It will involve a discussion regarding your concerns and your child’s developmental history will be taken. This will help to build an initial picture of your child’s abilities. This meeting is a great opportunity to meet your child informally and for you to ask any questions. The session will last up to one hour and is free of charge*. At the end of the meeting I will be able to give you an outline of any assessment and therapy your child may require. However, this meeting will not involve any formal assessment or therapy.


A thorough assessment of your child’s speech, language and communication skills will ensure that your child’s needs are fully understood. Assessment can be formal, like a test, or informal such as chatting or observing. Often a combination of both is most useful. All assessment methods used are evidence based and recognised by the Irish Association of Speech & Language Therapists and the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists. They follow best practice guidelines.

Assessment can be carried out in your home, your child’s school or pre-school or community. I am experienced in a range of assessment approaches so therefore I can work flexibly to provide the most suitable assessment for your child.

Each assessment session takes up to one hour with your child. Gaining a true picture of your child’s skills may take more than one session and this will be discussed with you at the appointment. Feedback on results is sometimes immediate. However, for more complex assessments, time will be needed for analysis. This usually takes a couple of days. Assessment reports can be provided on request.

If your child has had a Speech & Language Therapy assessment carried out by a qualified Therapist within the last 6 months, it may not be necessary to re-assess your child’s skills. If you and the Therapist are happy to share those results, we can work from there.


I am experienced in a wide range of therapy techniques which support children and young adults aged 0-19 years. Therapy options will be discussed with you after your child’s abilities have been established.

Each therapy session usually lasts for one hour. A session usually includes 45 minutes of direct flexible, pre-planned therapy with your child and 15 minutes of feedback on the session. Homework tasks will be given and the therapy materials are often provided for you.

Therapy approaches are always backed by current research and best practice. Therapy sessions are designed specifically to get the most in to or out of your child. I work in a range of ways to keep the session fun, motivational and rewarding. Each child is different, for example, some children love using toys and games, others prefer projects or art, older children may be motivated by particular hobbies, movies or technology. Children with complex needs may respond to intensive interaction and sensory approaches. One thing most children have in common is that they find Speech & Language Therapy fun.

It’s great when parents observe or join in with sessions, because it means that they are likely to feel more confident in carrying out the homework activities. Empowering parents is essential for therapy to succeed. We will give you the knowledge, support and confidence to work with your child’s abilities and difficulties so that we are able to provide therapy as a team. In some cases this can result in the child no longer needing input from an SLT because the parents are fully capable of managing the therapy programme themselves.

Therapy can be on a 1;1 basis, in a group or via a home programme. I can offer as much or as little time as your family needs.

* If you live within a 15km of Corofin, Co. Clare, the initial consultation is FREE. A travel charge will apply for journey’s over 15km.